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I wondered what this was all about, so I bought the dvd off of eBay.

From the sleeve: "Performed [in 1997] by Maurice Bejart's famous ballet company, with costumes designed by Gianni Versace, 'Ballet For Life' is an extremely moving work which draws its inspiration from the lives of Freddie Mercury and Maurice Bejart's former principal dancer, Jorge Donn, both of whom died of AIDS. The music is principally Queen's own recorded works, both live and studio tracks, together with five Mozart pieces blending perfectly into the score. The ballet is dedicated to those who died before their time."

It's a beautiful day
Let me live
Brighton Rock
Heaven for everyone
I was born to love you
Cosi Fan Tutte
A kind of magic
Get down make love
Piano Concerto No. 21
You take my breath away
Masonic funeral music K477
Sinfonia Concertante in E flat Major K364
Radio ga ga
A winter's tale
The millionaire waltz
Brighton Rock
Bohemian Rhapsody
I want to break free
The show must go on

There are 29 dancers. Modern ballet. Ultra modern ballet. The Queen music is from Queen's recorded works and not done by an orchestra.

Brighton Rock done with dance! It is split in two sessions - the first with flashing pink lights and dancers dashing about on the stage; the second with a dark stage, dancers, and flashing, white-light triangles. Very dramatic and a perfect match for Brian's solo masterwork. (I think you guitar players out there in QueenzoneLand would love it.)

A Winter's Tale (from Made In Heaven) is exquisitely done. A man and a woman both with black shorts on and nude from the waist up are in a small, unfurnished box-room open to the audience, and there is a principal male dancer on stage in front of them, and he is stunning. I have chills watching this performance. 3/4's of the way into the song comes Brian's Red Special solo just like a slinky guitar trombone. Various shades of blue lighting are on the stage. White pillow feathers being softly tossed around, and floating. Romantic. Beautiful. "Oooh - it's bliss." (Freddie's last line of the song.)

It ends with The Show Must Go On - again, dramatic. Heck, that song is so powerful, you wouldn't even need dancers on the stage, but there are. (Isn't it fitting that the Innuendo CD ends with The Show Must Go on?)

The eBay link is: although if the auction had ended, you might come up with nothing. Sorry. Mine was a Buy It Now item for $13.99 plus shipping from Texas, USA, and it comes up on eBay now and then. The seller's name is speet_2000. This version of Ballet For Life does not have any live appearances by Elton John and Queen members (that version was from a different city/different date.) Bejart Ballet Company has another dvd called Maurice Bejart The Art of the 20th Century Ballet, but that has nothing to do with Queen. When I played my dvd, the last three songs did not play well. I emailed the seller who sent out a perfect replacement promptly.

It is a beautiful and powerful performance.

Yes, it was a worthwhile experience.
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Posted: 14 Nov 05, 14:20 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

It's a copy of the original.

I've just sold my original vhs copy on ebay for $50. I guess it's rare.

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<b><font color = "crimson">ThomasQuinn wrote:

Is this an original or a bootleg/pirated copy?

I don't know. It came in a case with the sleeve enclosed in plastic, and the disc had a dancer photo on it. There was no booklet with it though.

Yes, it was a worthwhile experience.