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Here's my review of Queen III er...I mean Sheer Heart Attack. I'll rate the songs 1 to 5, explain them, and then rate the album as a whole at the end.

1. Brighton Rock - Showcasing Brian's outstanding guitar work with some falsetto vocals from Freddie. I think this one may have been better suited as the closer rather than the opener on this cd. But I still think it's great. 5 stars.

2. Killer Queen - Queen's breakthrough hit and first #1 single. This song served as a concert staple for many years to come. Great little number. 5 stars.

3. Tenement Funster - Not a real good follow up to Roger's other songs (Modern Times Rock And Roll and The Loser In The End). Don't worry, he makes up for it on their next album. 2 stars.

4. Flick Of The Wrist - Written about the band's former manager. I like how the main parts of the song are kind of slow then it speeds up during the chorus. Flows very nicely into the next track as well. 4 stars.

5. Lilly Of The Valley - Opens with the last line of Flick Of The Wrist, this Freddie ballad sounds like something off Queen II with it's lyrical makeup. Would've loved to hear this one live. 4 stars.

6. Now I'm Here - Not one of my favorites but still it's a good rocker, a concert staple, and a good up-tempo song. 4 stars.

7. In The Lap Of The Gods - Kinda odd at first listen but it grew on me (after a long period of skipping it while playing the cd). Good lyrics. It sounds better live but not bad here either. 3.5 stars.

8. Stone Cold Crazy - Fast paced, hard hitting rocker. Lyrics are kinda odd if you think about it. But it's a great song written by all four members of the band. 5 stars.

9. Dear Friends - Nice simple little song but it's out of place on this album following the hard rock Stone Cold Crazy. Still a nice short interlude. 3 stars.

10. Misfire - John's first written material to make a Queen album. Short song, but the lyrics are kinda catchy. 3.5 stars.

11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown - Sounds kinda like something from the ragtime era. Enjoyable to hear Freddie do the piano part live. 4 stars.

12. She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) - Not a very good song from Brian but he'll make up for it later on. 2 stars.

13. In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited - A concert staple in the early days, which resurfaced in the Magic tour shows. Outdoes the first In The Lap Of The Gods but gets a bit repetative at the end. Still a good song to close the album. 4 stars.

Overall the album sounds great if you listen to it all the way through as I often do. Tracks flow well except Dear Friends after Stone Cold Crazy. Otherwise I highly recommend this album. 9 out of 10.

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A very good review. There's only one thing I very much disagree with: Loser In The End is totally not a better song than Tenement Funster. Tenement has a fantastic Brian solo, and is just a much more mature Roger as a songwriter, even though it's just a year after Queen II was written.

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brighton rock-10
killer queen-10
tenament funster-10
flick of the wrist-10
lily of the vally-10
now i'm here-10
lap of the gods-10
stone cold crazy-10
dear friends-10
she makes me-7
lap of the gods-10

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Brighton Rock-10
Killer Queen-10
Tenement Funster-8
Flick of the Wrist-9
Lily of the Valley-8
Now I'm Here-10
In the Lap of the Gods-7
Stone Cold Crazy-8
Dear Friends-3
Bring Back That Leroy Brown-8
She Makes Me-7
In the Lap of the Gods-9

105/130 81% B- good album

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