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Posted: 02 Nov 05, 17:35 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

There are a few problems I've noticed on this site, and I wonder if they will ever be fixed.

First of all, the roll-down menus under the headings at the top of the page, "Tour," "Talk," "Freddie,"... etc, do not work correctly when there is a linkable area underneath them, i.e. the Google ads. The menus disappear when the mouse pointer is moved to the place where the menu intersects the link area.

Also, I'm seeing it right now, in the Post New Topic area, in the margin, it says, "Author:," "Subject:," and "Messsage:." "Message" has three m's.

There is a consistency issue between the roll down menu for the "Talk" heading and the menu obtained by simply clicking on the talk tab. The roll down menu gives the choice of "NoticeBoard," (with no space between the words) while the other menu calls this section "Forum."

Clicking on the "Library" tab reveals a page where discography is spelled "Discrography" Also, this page does not have a link to the quizzes, while the roll down menu does.

The "Members" tab roll down menu includes the heading "email" while the page obtained by clicking the tab does not. This is especially vexing because it is almost impossible to click the "email" heading on the roll down menu due to the issue explained above regarding to active links underneath the menus. It is also difficult to get to the "Join" and "Log out" options because of the same issue.

There are more issues, but I don't have time to go into them all. An example is the tendency for the "reply with quote" function to write out overhead and programming language for a member's name if the name has special characteristics such as boldface, color, or scrolling features.


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Posted: 21 Dec 05, 20:59 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Also, there are times that some sites on the Links section on the main front page don't work.

The main culprit always seems to be
Queen Net (

If you are going to put links up - why not put up decent ones, I mean what the hell is the "Queen Hub" ? ! Its under construction all the time !!!!

Webmasters of Queen Zone should have alook at thw quality of their links !

Any way the wind blows - doesnt really matter to me !