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Hi. It's time for my next review. Although I see that other people have reviewed other albums already, but I'll still post mine. I'll give the rating for each song (this time out of 10) and explain the reason for the rating. Then afterwards, I'll rate the album as a whole. Enjoy!

1. Keep Yourself Alive - The first ever Queen single. A shame it never even reached the charts. It is a great opener and displays the band rocking out which would be something we'd be seeing a hell of a lot from the boys. 8/10

2. Doing Alright - Nice ballad. Worked well live as well. I love the version from Earl's Court '77 and you should listen to it if you've never heard it. Freddie's vocals are great as usual. 8/10

3. Great King Rat - One of my personal faves on the album. Great guitar and drums in this song especially the drums fading out at the end. I'll give it a 9 cause it's one of my favorites. 9/10

4. My Fairy King - Nice song again. The first time we hear Freddie referring to Mercury, which is when he changed his name. Good vocals again from Freddie. 8/10

5. Liar - Most Favorite from the album. Love the opening and buildup to the first line of the song. Also great live. 10/10

6. The Night Comes Down - The first offering from Brian as far as writing goes (not counting #2 because Tim Staffell wrote some). Simple song. Not much else to say about it but it's good. 8/10

7. Modern Times Rock And Roll - First Roger Taylor song on the album. A fast paced rock song. I still can't keep up with Roger when I sing along to this one. Good song. 8/10

8. Son And Daughter - Gasps! First and only Queen song to feature a major curse word (as in the f word or sh**). Good song again but not the best. 7/10

9. Jesus - One of several tracks which Queen referred to religious topics. Simple song about the life of Jesus. 7/10

10. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Instrumental) - A teaser of Queen II's track Seven Seas Of Rhye. Good instrumental although the song is better. 6/10

11. Mad The Swine - Available on Hollywood Records re-release of the album. Love this song. Should have been on the album originally. 9/10

Overall I give the album a 8/10. Nice debut and the tracks flow together well. Feel Free to reply to my post. Thanks

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keep yourself alive-10
doin alright-10
great king rat-10
fairy king-10
night comes down-10
rock n roll-9
son and daughter-9
sea of rye-8
mad the swine-9
almost a perfect debut, one of their best.