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Isis user not visiting

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It has come to our attention this morning that the online forms that we upgraded yesterday did not get upgraded yet and we now have to try and sort it out with freewebs when USA wake up and get them to upgrade us - until then the webpage is still the same and the online forms are now replaced with a message with our email address on it.

The reason why we have asked you to copy and paste the email address into the email account you normally use is that many are clicking on the automatic link and their own home computers are not set up with their active email account as their iexplorer default - this means every time you have clicked on any email link and Outlook email has started up and you emailed from there and it is not an active email account that you always use - you will have hundreds of emails that you thought you sent off to here and there but they are sitting in your out box in Out look email on your computer - so to avoid any confusion for the users out there that have not set their computer email defaults in iexplorer up yet, we have told you to copy and paste into your normal account and taken the link away.

For the advance users out there that have all this covered and would find this annoying we have left an active email link where you see the first point numbered - 1. - In this section you will see and you know the rest from there – it is active for you guys and gals.

Online forms for signing the petition should be active again in the next 12 hours or so but you can still get to us from the webpage.

NOW THE IMPORTANT NEWS: IF you HAVE signed up on the Aussie Queens petition and you HAVE NOT got a conformation letter from me (aussie queens) then please email me again and I can check if your email got through to me. I am very sorry for the trouble but we assumed you would all have your default set up.

Ok that's the news for emailing me. Just make sure you get a confirmation letter or otherwise I don't have you down with us yet.

Other big news is coming really soon - keep an eye on our webpage we have surprise visitors coming very soon -
Feel free to use the chat room with your friends if you want I put there for your use if you want it.