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Posted: 06 Nov 05, 18:41 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Hi. I see someone already reviewed this album but I'm reviewing all the albums also so I'm doing this one. I'll rate the songs out of ten and explain the rating. Then I'll rate the album as a whole.

1. One Vision - A song of unity. Was written by all four members together. Great rock song and guitar rocks as well. Fantastic opener. 10/10

2. A Kind Of Magic - Personally, I've never liked this song. However, it does have a catchy beat and the bass is great in it as well. Great vocals by Freddie but a sub par song for Queen standards. 5/10

3. One Year Of Love - A moving ballad with great instrumental work in it. Freddie's vocals are superb in this one. Much better than the previous song. 8/10

4. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure - Freddie sings falsetto in the song. Simple little song. Many fans don't like this one but I think it's good, but not great. 6/10

5. Friends Will Be Friends - co-written by Freddie and John, this is an inspiring song about the power of friendships. Many fans bash this song saying the lyrics are cheesy. For me since I've recently lost someone close to me, this song means a lot to me since my friends are always there for me. 9/10

6. Who Wants To Live Forever - Ballad with Freddie and Brian singing together. Written for the Highlander film, it's touching song and has powerful vocals from Freddie. Fantastic. 10/10

7. Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) - Fantastic beginning guitar solo. Vocals are powerful but the song isn't all that great. I personally like it but it's not the best. 6/10

8. Don't Lose Your Head - By far the worst song on the album. Not really much too it lyrically speaking. Kinda repetitive. Very mediocre. 4/10

9. Princes Of The Universe - Fantastic rock song from the Highlander movie. Guitar rules all in this song. Freddie's powerful voice shows off in this one. Awesome. Tied with One Vision for the best song on the album. 10/10

10. Forever - Hollywood Records version contains this instrumental version of Who Wants To Live Forever. Touching instrumental but much more powerful with the lyrics. 6/10.

Overall this is one of the least favorite Queen albums for me, but it has it's good points. Overall I rate it 6/10.

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Posted: 07 Nov 05, 01:49 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

some fans hate this album, but i personally dig it.
one vision-10
one year of love-10
pain and pleasure-6
friends will be friends-8
who wants to live forever-10
gimme the prize-8
don't lose your head-5
princess of the universe-10

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Posted: 09 Nov 05, 17:00 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

one vision-10
Great, classic Queen sound.

Boring, elevator music.

one year of love-4
Not Queen.

pain and pleasure-4
Never liked it.

friends will be friends-7
Cheesy lyrics, but it's OK. Never liked the keyboard sound.

who wants to live forever-8
Good song. Little heavy on the keyboards.

gimme the prize-6
The bridge on this song is so stupid and uncool. Imagine it playing it in front of your friends.

don't lose your head-3
Roger Taylor, I assume.

princess of the universe-7
Fun track. Queen trying to do Queen.

This is one of Queen's worst albums.