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Posted: 06 Nov 05, 18:59 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

This is my next review. I'll rate the songs out of 10 and explain the rating, then I'll rate the album as a whole.

1. Mustapha - It boggles my mind why many fans think this song is so fantastic. I just don't get it. The song is terrible, a definite skipper, though I'll be generous with the rating. 5/10

2. Fat Bottomed Girls - After that first one, this is a breath of fresh air. Great song about one of the best parts of the female anatomy. Love this ending with the drums. 9/10

3. Jealousy - My personal favorite off this album. Great ballad by Freddie. Reminds me of this girl I like. I feel what the song says everytime she's with someone else. Great song though. 10/10

4. Bicycle Race - A song inspired by the Tour de France bicylce race. Great lyrics by Freddie. The song is short but cool. 9/10

5. If You Can't Beat Them - A Deacon song and a good one. Not much to say about this one but I like it. 7/10

6. Let Me Entertain You - From Freddie's leather jacket and leather hat days. This song served as a great opener to Queen shows with We Will Rock You fast version. Great song. 9/10

7. Dead On Time - Love the thunder at the end of the song. That's my favorite part, but the song itself is good as well. 8/10

8. In Only Seven Days - Another Deacon song. The lyrics remind me of Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon. However this song is touching while the other is more up-tempo. Good song. 8/10

9. Dreamer's Ball - A song about not being able to be with someone, so you dream about being with them. Good little number. I like this one on Live Killers as well. 8/10

10. Fun It - I love the trading of vocals between Roger and Freddie. The drum beat is great as well, but the song isn't that great. The third worst on the album. 6/10

11. Leaving Home Ain't Easy - The song is okay in my view, but it could do without the backing vocals, as they detract from the song. Without the backing vocals I give it a 7, but the song gets a 6/10.

12. Don't Stop Me Now - Great song that starts off slow then builds to a great piano rocker. This song was awesome live and is here too. 10/10

13. More Of That Jazz - The better of the two Roger Taylor vocals on the album, although the high vocal is a bit much. Love the montage at the end with the other Jazz tracks mixed in. Good song nonetheless. 7/10.

Overall this album imo is one of the most overrated by fans. Many think it's in their top 5 best. I think it's good but not top 5. 7/10

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entertain you-10
dead on time-10
seven days-10
dreamer's ball-10
fun it-6
leaving home-10
Don't stop me now-10
more of that jazz-3 (horrible song, worst on the album).

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Posted: 12 Nov 05, 19:22 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

This is the album that turned me into Queen when I was 10 years old (that's a long time ago). I believe it's one of their best. To me, it's the last true classic Queen album.
Jazz is fast and disposable in one way, and excellent in another.
Of course, More Of That Jazz is a bad song. But it fits, somehow. "Only football gives us thrills, rock 'n' roll just pays the bills..." On Jazz, Queen were larger than life and they sound as if they can do anything they want.
Freddie's voice is on top on this album. Only thing I don't like is the drum sound. It turned me off for a long time. But lately I've been playing the album again and I love it. Mustapha, Let Me Entertain You, Fat Bottomed Girls, Don't Stop me Now, Dead On Time are Queen in top form. Bicycle Race is unique.
After Jazz, The Game came out. I really like that album. It was the beginning of a new era and it sounds very fresh.
Jazz was the end of an era.