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Time for my next review. After this one I'll have only two left: Queen II and Hot Space. I'll rate each song out of 10 and explain the rating. Then I'll rate the album as a whole. Enjoy.

1. Tie Your Mother Down - Great rock opener to get the album going. The opening guitar is fantastic and fast paced. I think that the intro should have been a separate track though, but the song is great. Should have been on GH. 10/10

2. You Take My Breath Away - Complete change of gears from the first song, this is one of Freddie's most beautiful ballads. If you watch the Champions Of The World doccumentary when this song is played and it doesn't give you chills or make you tear up, nothing will. Perfect ballad. 10/10

3. Long Away - Personally one of my favorite Brian vocal tracks, next to Sail Away Sweet Sister and All Dead, All Dead. Seems like he puts a little something extra into this one and its very good. 8/10

4. The Millionaire Waltz - Excellent piano from Freddie on this one. I love the song as part of the meddley with Killer Queen, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, You're My Best Friend, and Bring Back That Leroy Brown. Good song. 8/10

5. You And I - A simple song by John Deacon. As they say, less is more. Good song. 8/10

6. Somebody To Love - If it wasn't for Bohemian Rhapsody, you might consider this song to be the "masterpiece" of the 70's. Vocals are fantastic, and you can really relate to the lyrics no matter your orientation. Awesome! 10/10

7. White Man - Love the line "you took away the sight to blind my simple eyes". Great Brian track. Great lyrics. Works well in it's spot on the album. 9/10

8. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Simple little number from Freddie. Boy did he live up to that title didn't he, lol. Great upbeat song with catchy lyrics. 10/10

9. Drowse - Personally my least favorite on the album but it's still good. There is an appreciation thread to this song, so if you want to learn about it, visit there. I don't have much to say about this one but I like it. 8/10

10. Teo Torriatte (Let Us All Cling Together) - My favorite song on the album. Love the combination of English and Japanese lyrics. Very moving song, especially played live. Fantastic song imo. 10/10

Overall, this one is in my top 5 of favorite albums by the band. All the songs are worth listening to and fit well together. Great album. 9/10.

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