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Hey everyone, fans!

It´s nice that you´re discussing "our" documentary "A Boundless Rhapsody" (in Swedish: En Gränslös Rapsodi"). I (Magnus) did this with my friend Gunnar Ernblad for Swedish national Televison (SvT).

The program is about:
1. The unique thing about Queen- Here some of Swedens most famous artists talk about what made Queen som special(Live Aid fottage, Radio Ga Ga & Freddie Deeoo)and a videomedley (thats the first 10 minutes)
2. - The qritics that didn´t understand Queen and their musical fusion with different styles.
- A night at the opera (30th anniversary)
- Bohemian Rhapsody (12 minute story on the song as the no 1 of all time in the UK) Comments from lot´s of famous Swedes, Paul Gambacchini, Peter Freestone (this interviews is our own selfproduced) The only thing we have borrowed is Brian, and Rogers interviews, because we had a deadline, and we couldn´t travel to catch them (they were very bizzy).
3. After Freddie died - the tribute concert, the statue in Montreux and the European Tour with Paul Rodgers. My own live pictures from The Globe in Sthlm and Bo Rhap clip fron Return of the champions. And asking people about Queen without Freddie. Most of them were positive. As one in the audicence said: "I´m not surprised - it´s music that will go on forever".

That´s about it.
And why would their be a english translation when it was done for the Swedish market?
That was why we did it - there´s already good documentarys in England, like Channel 4 and BBC.

Queen forever, rock on!!
Magnus Rouden
Queen supporter since 1977

Swedens no1 admirer of this band (it sure feels like it where I live in Kalmar).
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It's good for the non-swedes to understand what it is all about.

Just one question, is there anyway to get your hands on those paper reviews that appear in the middle of the program? I'm just wondering cause it would be interesting to read those.

Overall I thought the program was decent, even though I had seen as good as all material before.

And just one last question, during your footage from the Globe concert Fat Bottomed Girls is played, is this from Return of the Champions or the concert?