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Hiya. Some of you may know me off the chat room on here so hello again!lol!
Anyway i need some help that i am quite upset about and could you help me please? Thanks.

Well here's my story...

Me and my fiancee Fiona[some of you may know her as SexyFiona] have been together since we were both 15 and i really love her and asked her to marry me a couple of months back. But recently me and her have had a massive arguement and she moved out and doesn't want to know me anymore which i'm really upset about. What makes it even more confusing is that she is 6 months pregnant with our first son who is due in Feb 06, and i'm quite worried that he might not get to know me being with that me and his mother arnet together anymore.

The other day she asked me round and i thought maybe she'd changed her mind, but instead she gave me my engagement ring back that i gave her and told me that she doesn't want me anymore, and that i can still see our son when hes born but she doesnt want to be with me which i was really upset about. She has also been spotted by one of my mates hugging a bloke who i think is her new boyfriend. Why is she doing this to me? What shall i do? Cos i really love her and want her back . how can i tell her that she is my everything and what i need?

Please help, advise is wanted please! Thanks.

Max. x.

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This is a difficult problem, and you don't provide enough information to really offer a good view of the situation. You say she says she doesn't want you anymore. Why? Was it something you did? Was it just because of the fight? What was the fight about? You may not feel comfortable answering these questions online, and I don't blame you. Really, you should take this problem to a priest, minister, or therapist whom you trust and feel comfortable with. Seeking the opinions from older family memebers may also be a good idea.

All I can tell you is that it doesn't look good from where I'm sitting. You should not have cohabitated and had a child before marriage. Because now you don't really have a case. She is under no obligation to you whatsoever. You do have the right to see your child, and she appears to respect that. Aside from apologizing for anything wrong you may have done, and telling her that you love her and want to marry her, you may want to point out the child has the right to his parents, and to be raised in a loving household by his parents. If just for his or her sake, is it not worth trying to work this out? As I said, though, we are not really able to help you with this sort of problem online, and perhaps it is just as well.

I hope everything works out for you.