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One of my dad's friend is going to the US in a few couple of days and he has promised me he would buy a book about Queen for me, if I provide him a list of books he could (easily) find out there. I've searched the WWW, but I can't get very sure whether the Queen books I found are also available in the US or if they aren't out of print.
I'd be grateful if somebody could let me know which Queen books are available this time of year in the US and whether they can be found in the bookstores or only by online order.
Thanks in advance!


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Hey love, ive had the same problem and i LIVE in the US! its impossible to find them in a store.
However, i was lucky and found some used ones via
This is a very reliable scource, and it has quick shipping and different payment options.I purchased 3 of them this summer.
Dont fret that they maybe used, they are in pretty decent condition when u recieve them. Just read the descriptions, and there are collectible ones as well, as long as u are willing to pay for them.
Where do u live?? because many of the stores i called searching for some said i could write letters to the publishing companies in England, because they didnt even have them laying about at the shipping companies within in the US, and im talking about the biography published and printed as recent as 2000.