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Posted: 06 Dec 05, 18:48 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote I went to the Buffalo hasbc arena site....they have a thing called Handbills. What is it and is it worth it..cause to me it doesn;t sound like it. I don't know if this is an American thing at arenas or just buffalo..because I have never heard this before. But anyway, what I am getting is that you stand in line and they put your "handbill" in a hat or whatever and people pick out of might not even get a ticket?? I think it's better to just buy online right???

here's what it says if this is only a Buffalo thing..

There will be a random handbill policy in effect for this concert. A handbill does not guarantee a ticket; it only guarantees a place in line. A limited number of handbills will be available at all outlets and at HSBC Arena. Tickets are subject to convenience charges. Event, date, and time is subject to change. Arena is handicapped accessible. Seating is available for wheelchair users. Random Handbill Policy: · One handbill per customer. Customer must return to SAME location the day of on-sale. · Must be 12 years or older to obtain a handbill. · On the morning of the on-sale, customers will line up one hour prior to the on-sale time listed on the official event notice and customers will line up in numerical order – the customers will be reminded that the number on the handbill will have no bearing on the eventual place in line. · The handbill number will be printed on 2 sections of the ticket. One hour prior to the on-sale time, 1 section of each customer’s handbill will be torn at the perforation and placed in a hat, bag, or box. · One half hour prior to the on-sale, a customer from the line will reach into the bag without viewing any of the other handbills and choose the beginning line up number. The number will be drawn in front of the general public. · The line will be arranged according to the random beginning number. The number chosen will become the first person served, and the numbers preceding that number will shift to the end of the handbill numbers. (For example, if 100 handbills were distributed and the random number drawn is #27, #27 would be served first, followed by #28-#100. #1-#26 would be served after #100.) Customers who did not receive handbills must line up after all customers who possess handbills. · A handbill does not guarantee a customer tickets for the event and/or infer any type of priority seating. · If any customer arrives later than ½ hour prior to the on-sale start time, his/her spot will be forfeited and he/she must line up at the end of the line.

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Its been going on for years in Buffalo
before it used to be first one with number one that was your place in line and so on Know its all screwy you I only get the handbill if I dont have enough room on my credit card other then that its a big waste of time IMO