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St. Paul, Minnesota, Sunday, March 26, at the Xcel Energy Center. It is only about three miles away from where I live. Nothing like having Queen in your own back yard! I only bought one ticket. Some of my friends like Queen, but they don't LOVE Queen, and I want to be surrounded by noisy, rabid fans with no lukewarm detractors next to me so I can scream and yell and jump up and down and sing and and and and ....... Gosh, my friends don't even have any pictures of Freddie hanging on their walls. What is wrong with them?!

I once went to our State Fair (that has mega junk food - half of it on a stick, such as batter fried Snicker bars), and my friend who was a health food nut brought her own celery and carrot sticks and an apple and a granola bar! Some friends just aren't meant to go some places.

I adore Freddie Mercury, and I hope it won't be too sad hearing someone else sing his songs, no matter how good he is. It will be an honor to be in the same "room" as Roger and Brian as my own little tribute to them for all of their great music over so many years.

Yes, it was a worthwhile experience.
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Um, Whoooaaa!...?