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At red lights, eye the person in the next car suspiciously. With a look of fear, lock all your doors.
Wear a chicken suit.
Have a conversation with the empty passenger seat beside you, looking at the imaginary person next to you.
Wave a stuffed animal or toll droll out of the window/sunroof and make it dance.
Look behind you frequently with a very paranoid look.
Restart your car at every red light.
Keep at least five cats in the car (I think Freddie probably did this!)
Talk to your reflection in the rear view and wing mirrors.
Cry/laugh hysterically.
Turn on your radio/cassette/CD and sing a different song to the one that’s playing loudly with the windows open.
Throw spam.
Drive very fast in the fast lane, but gradually slow down until you stop. Get out and watch the other cars. Throw spam at them.
N.B. If you are hurt/killed/arrested because of doing any of these things, I will not be held legally responsible.

This can't end well.