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Basically most of the punk/emo scene is pretty bad. They all do pretty much the same thing, and it's not like it's very good to begin with. The music itself is simplistic and boring, it all sounds the same, and most of the time the vocalist has little or no talent. Unfortunately, a lot of people find they can relate to the lyrics and the simpleton music is catchy to them, hence its popularity among young people.

Personally, I find the music unintersting, the lyrics bitchy and whiny, and the vocals annoying to unbearable. It's still rock, so a gem emerges here and there (lik Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy), but when the whole culture is defined by anybody being able to form a band, sing about their lives, and become're gonna get a lot of crap. That the problem, I don't think just anybody can be a successful musician, because I do't care how much you practice, most people CANNOT write good music and don't have natural talent. The current punk/emo scene is overflowing with bands, as hard as they work and I respect that, just don't have talent, and therefore their music is just bad. Back in the classic rock days, you had to be something different and have some talent to get your foot in the door. Nowadays, if your a good poet who can wail on a guitar and scream good, you'll be on the radio next week.

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