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Hello all,

I have a question regarding a statement made by Mary Austin in OK! magazine


"It was eight years after Freddie's death before Mary received the bulk of his money from the will. 'It was a worrying time,' she admits. 'The taxman had been paid, but without the money coming through I didn't know if I could afford to keep the house. I felt under a lot of pressure."

Can someone explain why it takes or took 8 years fot the will to be paid out? Since Jim Hutton, Phoebe, Joe and Terry all recieved their part of the will in the summer of 1992 (if I am correct)

So did anybody contest the will and therefore it took so long for Mary Austin to recieve the money? (she states "money" so I presume we are talking about Freddie's cash in the bank)

Maybe there are some British people who can explain why it took 8 years while the rest recieved their part in 1992 ?

I am a little puzzled by her statement but maybe somebody can enlighten me