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Posted: 24 Jan 06, 21:15 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

when my mom came home the first thing she told me was about how the first Queen album was being assessed on the DLRS this morning (since he now replaced her beloved Howard Stern)
i was wondering if anyone saw the link that is up on and listened to the show on the website. it was very funny to hear how many things they got wrong about Queen,

Part 1

-the proffesional tour or music major persona on the show said that they were doing 3 nights at MSG which is what i wish they were doing but not even close.
-they were also saying how much they dont like paul rodgers and how its a turn off that he sang his own songs at the shows, implying that he was trying to take freddie's place
-they were saying freddie's real name very different than it really is(they really put a bronx/city accent on it), its quite funny because they were also saying how his real name is almost better than Freddie Mercury(joking around)
-they also said he left his house at 13 to join his little band at 14"" that one made me laugh.
- they were also saying how he did all the voice layers, that is was just his voice "staking up"

then on the other hand

-they were complimenting how AMAZING his voice, they say it so much!
-they were complimenting Brian's guitar skills

and u can hear in the later first part of the assessment how the guy (not DLR) has such a sad voice saying man i really miss him while listening to Doing Alright

oh yea the link....

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Posted: 25 Jan 06, 15:48 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I heard the podcast version - about 15 mins. anyone know if there's the whole lot online somewhere? It stops after doin' alright, but there was more.

In general, DLR Radio seems interesting. They were talking a week or so ago about the Queen + PR tour and how it wasn't right. They were very complimentary about Queen, as they were about Queen 1, but they were basically implying that PR had pressured them into letting him on the bill because they needed a singer. They so don't know the facts. Brian and Roger have stated in interviews that they offered PR a half and half set list but PR said it should be mostly Queen stuff.

I kinda like DLR's show, but they do make some sweeping statements which aren't based on fact, like about Freddie and stuff. I don't know if they were talking about Doin' Alright specifically, but if not, they were saying that basically Fred did ALL the vocals.

Interesting, but it's annoying when they don't get the facts straight!!!

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Posted: 25 Jan 06, 16:16 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

The whole thing is on Brian