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This is a Personal forum.
So feel free to share your personal poems

I'll go first...

My Haunting Love

The sudden disposition of myself beside you
Where I scale and uphold this undeserving dream
Light warming the edges of your entrancing face
Your neck calm and restful in our breathless air

Eager to form simple words, but they don’t arrive
Instead my heart is paralyzed from the revelation of you
As you brace my cold hand to the fervent tears escaping
Then somehow the corners of my lips parted as my cheeks rose

How did our love fail so easily?

Our silence became the perfect quarrel against us
Your eyes implying a deep yearning for completion
Never expecting such disheartening confusion underneath
A ring of dampen blue strung along a growing evergreen

Don’t turn away and run.

An eclipse came as your shoulders lunged away
The sun bursting out between the hastening strands
Your shadow mesh and capering in the hollow wind
And my fingers were thrown, begging to reach you

How did you tame my heart for so long?

You twisted around so seamlessly as I drew closer
Tension and grievance abounded on your redden cheeks
White glowing trails seen mangled under your aimless eyes
Then like a world stolen beneath you, you fell sympathetically

I keep wishing so much I’ll return to you.

Without hesitation I dived to save your fallen heart
Collided in your trembling arms to pave our embrace
Letting our shattering mournful cry be heard silently
And we stayed gripping so tightly, enfolded forever

My face ridden upon yours with such vigorous passion
Our eyes locked adjacently with laden tears in between
Your petrified hands being fasten intensely behind me
The eyelids asking to be excluded further from her final cry

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

I wait a lifetime for you.

No shame in sharing.