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Posted: 10 Feb 06, 05:32 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Today is the day. A day I hoped I'd never see, but have long dreaded. Today, I am to be anally invaded in the name of medical science.

Aye, unite and stand firm, dear QZers, which is a damned sight more than I can manage at this moment in time.

Here, that bottle of 'Fleet' I took at 7am this morning is good stuff y'know. 'Flush' would have been a better name. I believe I've shat a kidney! I'm a shadow of my former self.

All you folk, and I know who you are (names have been taken), who have always said I was full of shit - eat your words! There ain't an ounce left in me!

And Sir Archie, you old caitiff, your text message of 'Bottoms Up and Down The Hatch' was just about the last thing I wanted to read this morning.

Poor Flashy! What did I ever do to deserve this?

Err, don't answer that.


Paul Rodgers is not the best thing since fried Fred.