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September 23rd - Brian May shed's the truth on latest press lies on Axl

Brian May recently told a Classic Rock journalist to fuck off because of fake Brian statements about Axl

Brian May

LIES in a glossy magazine

"...But much worse is the nasty little tapestry of lies woven in the same magazine, which makes it look as I gave Axl Rose "The Finger". They even have the temerity to print a picture of me holding up a finger, purportedly "The very one he gave Axl". Now, number one, you idiots, IT'S the wrong FINGER - have you never been outside Peckham, you simpletons?!! Number two you have painted a picture of me insulting one of the greatest Rock Stars of our age, and one of my most valued friends. That's not funny. I am taking advice as to whether I have grounds for suing you and the writer responsible. This is deliberate mischief. How would you like it if I tried to lose you a friend by lying about what you had said about him? Why should I have to put up with this crap just because the music we made became famous, making it possible for people like you to parasitically live off it?

What a shame about Classic Rock. You seemed to be so full of promise. Going down the same road as the NME?

I hope I'm wrong.


On another message at Brian's Soapbox (at his official site) he says

"I snubbed AXL??? WHAT?!!!

This is complete Horse-Poo, a deliberate mis-quote as far as I can tell, to make a cheap headline.

Who makes this stuff up??

I was NEVER, NEVER asked to join Guns N' Roses. The truth is I was invited by Axl to play on 3 tracks a while ago, on the album which they were making in L.A. I had a great time playing, and interacting with the guys, and I was hugely impressed with the material they'd already put down. To me Axl is one of the greatest untamed talents of our age. Since the album is still not released I have no idea if the tracks I plaed on are still in consideration. But I'm damn sure it will be worth waiting for!

P.S. I also NEVER would have given away the titles of songs I had heard - I regarded the whole experience as confidential. I am VET upset that this writer has made it look like I blabbed.

God, I HATE journalists. fabrications like this can destroy friendships.


¿Qué porra está mejor, la de Brian May o la de Slash?