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This would count as my first post on this forum, and I'm proud to be surrounded by such endearing and caring fellow Queen fans from around the world. I was wondering if some great fan could reupload all of those Queen demos that have been traded and downloaded on here for a long time. The demos in question are:

Demos 1
A New Life Is Born (1988 Demo).mp3
Action This Day (Alternate Version).mp3
Back Chat (Alternate Version).mp3
Butterfly (Demo).mp3
Cool Cat (Alternate Version with David Bowie).mp3
Delilah (Demo - First Take).mp3
Delilah (Extract from 1990 Demo).mp3
Dog With A Bone.mp3
Feel Like (1981 Demo).mp3
Too Much Love Will Kill You (Extract from 1988 Demo).mp3

Demos 2

Feelings (Demo).mp3
Fiddly Jam (1988 Demo).mp3
Headlong (Extract from 1990 Demo).mp3
I Guess We're Falling Out (1988 Demo).mp3
I Want It All (Extract from 1988 Demo).mp3
I Want It All (Instrumental 1988 Demo).mp3
Invisible Man (Extract from 1988 Demo).mp3
Las Palabras De Amor (Alternate Version).mp3
Life Is Real (Alternate Version).mp3

Demos 3

My Baby Loves Me (1988 Demo).mp3
My Secret Fantasy (1990 Demo).mp3
Polar Bear (1970 Demo).mp3 - Queen version with Freddie on vocals
Robbery (1990 Demo).mp3
Scandal (Extract from 1988 Demo).mp3
Self Made Man (1990 Demo).mp3
Silver Salmon (Demo).mp3
Staying Power (Alternate Version).mp3
Stealin' (1988 Demo).mp3

I believe they were uploaded in late 2005 by fellow fan Jamaleni, so if someone has them, could they be nice enough to reupload them on Rapidshare or any other popular file hosting program OR as a new torrent? Thanks in advance to whomever is able to help to reupload them, thanks again and take care! Peace!


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hi mate,

maybe one of the kind queenies here might make ya a cd copy of those demos and send it to ya, it has been known my friend,

take care

oo la la