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When I was a kid, maybe around 10 or so, there was a show I used to watch called, The Great Space Coaster. It consisted of 3 real people and a bunch of puppets and stuff. The real people would ocassionally perform songs (or at least lip synch along to them). The songs were often remakes of already known tunes. In one episode I recall them playing a song about wanting to ride a bicycle. I liked the tune and remember it being stuck in my head for awhile after hearing it. I had no idea at the time but a few years later I would hear the Queen song, Bicycle Race, and go, "hey! wadda ya know?! that's that song from the show" I do remember they had cut out the verse sections about Jaws and Superman and uh, cocaine and stuff.

After all these years I really wish I could hear that version of the song again so I could recall how I was originally introduced to this one. What an odd song to appear on a kids show especially considering the full lyrical content of the original version and of course the actual video with naked women and stuff...but still cool for a 10 year old like I was at the time.

Does anyone else remember ever seeing this? This was one of my first experiences preparing me to soon be a Queen fan for life. heh.

here's a clip of the shows intro in case it might help ring a bell for anyone