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Posted: 28 Mar 06, 23:24 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

Regarding the reviews in the Twin Cities newspapers and various others I have seen recently, I have gone from blissfully indifferent to the common perceptions of this tour, to rip-snorting pissed-off.

The general review of the Minneapolis review said: Brian May is great, the band was very good, the harmonies were terrific, a number of the songs were very moving, and the band had enough class to advertise themselves as "Queen PLUS Paul Rodgers" as opposed to fooling people as the "original Queen" (although - who the hell doesn't know Freddie is dead?). And for that matter - Paul Rodgers was smart not to imitate Freddie - and he was OK. After those comments, the writer says - but Freddie isn't there - so they shouldn't tour.

Are you telling me that you are so fucking mentally challenged that your petite little brain can't handle a change of musicians in a band?!? You are telling me you are uncomfortable with this change - and therefore - what - the remaining members of a band may NEVER tour again?
Your telling me the NAME of bandmembers involved in a show or YOUR OWN distant memory of them supercedes the quality of the music, or the fact that musicians are meant to go out and play music?

There are obviously a lot of problems with modern music. People focus on acts and images and personalities instead of MUSIC. And here we have a professional writer telling us to forget the fact the music was very good and that a historically great rock and roll drummer and guitarist were in town - don't go because he can't figure out how to be comfortable without Freddie as the lead singer.

Kiss my ass! You are a pathetic fool for not being able to appreciate something at its own face value. And if you think you have a "music job" - you are kidding yourself. Your are killing music. No wonder why so many younger people have lost passion for music and collecting recordings. You are telling them it is about everything BUT the music.

(is your conscience all right - does it plague you at night - do you feel good? I feel good....)

I apologize for my tantrum. Now back to our regularly scheduled life.

It was a great concert. it was all about THE MUSIC.

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Posted: 29 Mar 06, 10:50 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

flickofthewrist, that is an excellent, excellent commentary. Being a musician, I find it UNBELIEVABLE how so many critics of Queen focus on things other than the music. It's as though the only things great about Queen were Freddie's showmanship and the range of his voice. They completely overlook the power, majesty, and pure musicianship in Queen's music. On top of that, their preconceived biases rarely give them room to make positive comments on how enthusiastically the audience reacts to seeing and hearing Queen perform their most popular songs.

I'm anxiously awaiting Saturday night's concert here in San Diego. In my days of euphoria after the concert, I'll try not to let the reviews of the critics ruin my enjoyment.

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ROCK ON--It's about the MUSIC !!! The St. Paul show was fun!!!

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Amen to that. Rock!

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