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Hey folks...

(sorry for multiple postings, but I thought this was applicable to both the 'General' and 'Q+PR' forums...)

With all the recent news and the Q+PR tour - not to mention the latest rumblings about the 'ebay situation' I thought I'd start a little list - simply for the sake of doing so (no specific reason...)

I was wondering how many people owned one of the Brian May sixpence coins - beit a 1993, 2004, or 2005 coin.

I thought I'd start some sort of list of who owns them and which one's they own etc. A bit of fun I suppose - as trivial and pointless as it may be.

So -- let me know: (hotmail) - and if you could tell me where you got the coins then all the a concert? via the official website - or (if it's truly 200% authentic) via Brian May himself!! How did you get the pics? Did you buy it, trade for it, get it off ebay etc. etc...

I think I'll create some sort of website or something about this...what do you think.

Cheers -