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No comments, but I remember some of yours :P

From the greenpeace newsletter.

Victory: Whalers divest
You did it! After months of pressure from Ocean Defenders all over the world, our friends at seafood suppliers Gorton's, Sealord and parent company Nissui have withdrawn their active support for Japanese whaling! You've sent thousands of emails to these companies. You've posted banners all over the web. You've gotten contracts cancelled and kept public relations departments running around doing damage control.

Commercial interests have heard the message: whaling is bad for business. This doesn't end scientific whaling, but it isolates whaling economically and makes it harder for the whalers to reach new markets. As our webbie Adele put it, "We moused them into submission." Well done everyone!

Another fantastic posting of a wonderful person!


all we need is internet-blog-blog, internet bla-bla


Let's make ourself better then we were befo