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I'm kinda glad that the official Queen site posted the article as-is...without bothering to fix this idiot's us the opportunity to flame him.

This is about the most poorly written article I've seen yet...and he tried so hard to properly review it too....tried...

Queen, Rogers awaken arena rock's ghost


Like recent concerts by Depeche Mode and Bon Jovi, Monday's Queen + Paul Rodgers concert brought old-school donner and blitzen to KeyArena.

The concert recalled arena rock's heyday in the 1980s, when hard-rocking bands pounded the former Seattle Center Coliseum week after week with raucous, high-powered shows filled with anthemic songs and flashy guitar solos.

A strong current of nostalgia coursed through the 2 1/2-hour show, which was packed with such Queen classics as "Fat Bottomed Girls," "We Will Rock You" and "Under Pressure," as well as hits from Rodgers' stints as frontman for Free and Bad Company -- among them "All Right Now," "Feel Like Making Love" and "Can't Get Enough." Though the songs were written and recorded years ago, they sounded surprisingly fresh. Stage fog, brilliant lighting and a giant mirrored ball added to the fun.

Appearing on a big video screen behind the stage were film clips from Queen's and Rodgers' respective pasts. The audience cheered loudest whenever former Queen singer Freddie Mercury, who died of complications of AIDS in 1991, appeared.

KeyArena was solidly packed from top to bottom for the Seattle date on the group's North American tour. The crowd included many fans from the band's heyday, as well as teens too young to have experienced a live Queen/ Mercury show, but familiar with the songs through classic-rock radio.

The macho, raspy-voiced Rodgers, wearing a variety of colorful outfits, sounds a lot different from Mercury, whose flamboyance and operatic vocals helped give Queen its unique sound. Rodgers wisely didn't try to take Mercury's place, but skillfully weaved his own style of performing into a show marked by Mercury's presence.

Rodgers joined original Queen members Roger Taylor on drums and Brian May on guitars, as well as a several backing musicians.

May was simply amazing, roaring through the classic riffs he created years ago and playing with the skill and finesse of a musician who hasn't lost his passion for the music. Taylor was also wonderful, taking the microphone for several songs and offering a drum solo that brought a roar from the crowd.

May paid tribute to Mercury with a solo acoustic version of the tender "Love of My Life," playing on a platform that extended into the audience. The crowd quickly joined in a singalong and held up cell-phone cameras to capture the image of May playing while seated on a stool.

"This is a bit where I don't have to be a rock god," he said, introducing the song. "Freddie is so much intermingled in this show."

Mercury was later shown singing on the video screen while May and company backed him on "Bohemian Rhapsody" and other songs.

The show wound to a close with a three-song encore featuring "We Will Rock You," followed by "All Night Long" and "We Are the Champions," a fitting finale to a show hailing Queen's glorious past.

Can Queen + Paul Rodgers tour North America on this scale again? Hard to say, but any fan of either would surely enjoy seeing the nostalgic show at least once.'s the mistakes..First, spell Paul RODGERS name right in the headline, retard...second...During the show, the only time Freddie "sings" is on Bohemian Rhapsody, not on "other songs", and the damn song is called "All Right Now"..."All night Long" is a fuckin LIONEL RICHIE SONG, you idiot.

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At least "All Night Long" would have been...

...well, let´s say it like this... a refreshing change in their setlist though!!! Damn it... :-)

PS: Thank you Milwaukee!

Shoot for the moon... even if you fail you will land among the stars!

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Nice positive review, you'd better spend youir time flaming all the negative reviews in stead of this one...

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I think your an idiot for cutting the guy up.