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Hey there queezoners! OK, first of all, even though you may not be able to tell by my username, I am a Queen fan (though not as hardcore as a lot of ya) and I've got two crappy pictures of the Miami Queen + Paul Rodgers concert to prove it.

Yeah my camera sucks ass so I didn't take any more. I'd been reading this forum since about a week before that concert.

Anyways, my final project for my technical writing class is a survey about HDTV. I've only managed to get 2 people to take it at the nintendoexpress forum, which has been pretty much dead since about 2002 (posted a link there about Princes of the Universe + Zelda that I found here!).

Seeing as this is such a lively place, I thought I might have better luck I'd appreciate it if any of you guys could help me out by taking it. I've got a copy online at please email me your responses at with subject "HDTV Survey".

If you don't have an HDTV you just answer questions #1 (need a reason for why ya don't), 11, and 12 plus the background stuff at the top of course. If you do have an HDTV please try to answer it all as best you can.

Thanks in advance, and I'll see if I can contribute to the discussions on here!