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Sorry to be so dramatic, but this is serious stuff...

Talk to your doctor about getting a CT or an MRI to check for a brain or aortic aneurysm. Three weeks ago, my mother-in-law suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. Though she survived, it’s been a horrible recovery and she still has an incredibly long way to go.

1 in 17 people have aneurysms and don’t know it. 2/3 of those will not survive the trip to the hospital if it ruptures or bursts. I forget the percentage, but a good portion of the remaining 1/3 will suffer some form of permanent brain damage.

An MRI or CT can diagnose and monitor this before it becomes life threatening. If you do have one, there are procedures they can perform (some minimally invasive) to repair the damage before it gets worse.

My entire family is ready to have these tests done, just in case. The local Radiology clinic must be wondering what’s up with the sudden influx of MRI and CT scan prescriptions. :-)

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