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At the 21st Official International Queen Fan Club Convention in Prestatyn Sands, last weekend from Friday May 5th to Monday May 8th, Keith from Arena Travel announced officially the soon to come departure of Jacky's sister Val. Val has her own reasons to leave the ship (before it sinks...) and was called on stage for the very last time. The fans present were all very sad when this news was presented and Val was very emotional and crying...just as jacky, myself and i think ALL of us there...i personally have many, many, many fond and warm memories about Val, and she has ALWAYS been SO helpful and supportive to me. Through the years i have collected hundreds of memorabilia that i offered to various charity auctions at many different occasions, and she has ALWAYS helped me to get stuff signed by the band, so the items would be worth a lot more and raise more money for aids-charity in Holland and Germany. Many less fortunate people have profited from that, and it also helped making the events worthwhile organising all the more...Val has become like a sister to me through the years, and i will absolutely miss her tremendously. It feels as if i lost a leg or so....The future for OUR fanclub looks very bad, because people just on't bother anymore to renew their memberships as we have the internet now...and i call upon you ALL out there, to contact the Queenfans you know and remember from the past...who are no longer registered members anymore, and try to persuade them ALL to become new paying Queen fanclub members AGAIN, so Jacky and OUR fanclub (our family i would say)will have a renewed right of existance and we will have many more conventions and wonderful events in the future to look forward to. We owe it to ourselves and to Jacky to help in EVERY possible way to keep the fanclub alive!!! The ONLY way to secure the future of our ever so treasured past with Queen, is to make our FRIENDS, RELATIVES, COLLEGUES, NEIGHBOURS and former members paying members AGAIN ! (or for the first time). SO...PLEASE START TODAY TO HELP THE FANCLUB BECOME BIG, HEALTHY AND STRONG AGAIN !!! because i really can't imagine the world turning round without this wonderful institute that has ALWAYS been there for i feel that WE MUST be there NOW for THEM !!!!! I feel it is a huge shame, that the multi-millionaires of Queen, don't buy them a decent, bright, clean, safe place where the fanclub cn safely go on forever, as the millions they have in their accounts are worthless when they do not bother to help Jacky and the Fanclub going. Without the fanclub doing all the most important work for them, they would NEVER have become as big and rich as they are today!!! Queen should do the right thing and fix this PERMANENTLY, so we and Queen themselves really are and will remain the true and only champions of the world...i think that their status can ONLY be of any meaning, if they provide the fascillities for the BEST and most modern, beautiful decorated and protected fanclub office on the planet!!! True class, quality, respect and loyalty coming from them now, is in my humble opinion the ONLY way they will be deserving our respect again too...if Queen doesn't do anything at all for the fanclub now, they are not worthy to have us as fans anymore ever again...because consciously killing the longest running fanclub of the world, is killing us, their dedicated fans too !!! Please send this message to as many people you know, and spread the word...i hope that Queen will read this too....and undertake the 1 and ONLY action that is needed NOW!!! They could easily spend GBP 250.000,- or more (just as much as is needed to do it properly) to buy a nice office, furnish and decorate it, put alarmsystems in it, and make it a brightly daylighted place where many fans can easily come in and enjoy all the beautiful treasures they can have displayed there like a museum kind of thing, and they wouldn't even notice the difference on their really is peanuts

lifelong loyal and dedicated Queenfan.
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Loving the pass, cherishing the present, and looking forward to the future

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If you feel so strongly about it, whyd don you mail that thing off to Brian and tell him to but the fanclub yourself. Me myself, I would join the fanclub, but, no cash!