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I thought the performance was freaking awesome!!! I happened to tear up a little when they played the show must go on. They are and always will be a legendary band "through the ons and ons and ons"

I want to say something about the haters that piss on Paul Rodgers. Damn it guys!!! Don't you think we oughta be thankful for the fact that our generation of freaks that grew up in the 90s had at least a new chance in life to see them rock again. Above the surface of all this shitty crappy bands (with exceptions of course) that come out TODAY, Queen manage to be linked to and admired by everyone regardless of age and race. Can't they present themselves with dignity and style for our generation of punks to enjoy??? They are remembered by many....but they need to be experienced by the mass of bystandards that know them only through audio or video. You cannot say that Paul is doing a horrible job. Freddie will never be back (sorely missed) and will never be replaced, so I think that it is our duty to respect them for what they do now. We don't know any better or worse. We never had the chance of witnessing Freddie's incredible performances. So be thankful and happy they are playing those timeless songs with great appeal, in a different form, for all of us to enjoy. They need to keep Queen alive and well. It wouldn't be the same if the record companies kept queen as a an artists on "this year's rock compilation Cd"??? and off our minds for years to come.
The Beatles never gave us that honor to see them again before John why not Queen, for crying out loud!!!
All you haters SHUT THE HELL UP and enjoy what you have on the plate. It might never ever happen again.
All the love to those who did see them at the continental Airlines Arena (first and probably last time I see them), and back me up on this one.