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lets start a disussion, yay! lol. Okay, how would you ompare the composing skills of Brian, Roger, John and Freddie, How are they Different? what are the highlights of each? For instane, Roger has a rough, intelligent kind of way of composing music, Brian, has awesome roking solos, lyrics and music. Freddie has a gentle, mysterious, interesting way, and John's songs are very friendly. What do you ppl think? and which do you like better? I dont even know why i posted this up..haha

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I think they were quite different from the mainstream. Not better or worse, just different.

Roger put some unusual chords, and some unusual metres for straight rock songs.

John's pop tracks are quite clever in terms of melody, compared to contemporaries.

Fred managed to be incredibly complex and incredibly catchy at the same time.

Brian emulated countless styles as if he were an experienced proffessional composer in each one of them, and yet he always sounded fresh and original.

John hated Hot Space. Frederick's favourite singer was not Paul Rodgers. Rog didn't compose 'Innuendo.' Witness testimonies are often inaccurate. Wales is not in England. 'Bo Rhap' hasn't got 180 vox.