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Hello everybody.

I noticed many people download split files from Rapidshare and don't know how to extract the files, so I decided to write this quick tutorial.
To extract the RAR files you'll need WinRAR, which you can download from
To extract the Zip files, you can use either WinZip 8.1 or higher (It MUST be 8.1 or higher. 8.0 or older won't work!) or WinRAR.

I'd recommend WinRAR, because it can extract both ZIP and RAR split files easily.

How to extract WinZip split files

You can recognize a WinZip split file by its extension. A file split into 3 files would look like this:


It will ALWAYS look like that. The extensions will be ZXX (XX means the number of the part, such as 01 for the first part, 02 for the second part, etc), and the LAST part will have a .ZIP extension.
You must download ALL the files and put them ALL into the SAME folder. Ah, you also can't rename the files. If you rename one of the files, change the extension, forget to download or save into a different folder than the others, you won't be able to extract.

To extract the file, click with your right-mouse-button on the last part (the one with the .ZIP extension) and then select an option like "Extract to..." or something like that. After you extracted the file, go into the folder where you extracted it to and test the files. If they're all working perfectly, you can delete the Z01, Z02, Z03 (...) and ZIP files, and keep the extracted files.
If for some reason you didn't manage to extract the files, make sure all the file names are correct, all the files are in the same folder, etc, etc.

How to extract RAR files

They're a lot easier than extracting WinZip files. The RAR split files look like this:


It's basically filename.partX.rar, and there's no different extension for the last file.
You'll need to have all the files, in the same folder, and with the right name. Open the first file, or just click with the right-mouse-button and click on "Extract to...".

If anything goes wrong, either you forgot to download one of the parts, you renamed one of them, saved one of them in the wrong folder, or anything like that.

I hope I was useful!!


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