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<font color=red>taylorgaga wrote:

however while i was downloading some U2 bootlegs of the Zootv tour opener "Zoo Station", i found a particular boot which i cnat upload cos its on my other computer which is currently down, the intro to the show starts off with George bush singing

"We Wiil
We Will Rock You"

then some gibersih about rocking the world

then WWRY again, then que Zoo Station

U2 must have a good intrest in Queen, or more particularly that song,

and im sure U2 have used WWRY many more times since ZooTV

Actually, I think that was done by the EBS, who were a bunch of satirists who took news footage and chopped it up (in this case, taking various words different parts of the speech, and using the second syllable of "Iraq" to make it sound like Bush is very stiffly singing WWRY) and intercut it with music.

The George Bush excerpts are taken from the speech he gave in 1990 where he gave Saddam Hussein three months (or whatever it was) to get out of Kuwait.

The "These are times that rock men's souls" and "Some may ask, why rock out now?" bits are my favorites.

As I recall, it was EBS who were doing all the TV stuff that U2 used during the Zoo TV tour.

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