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Queenzone has two notice boards - the old board

and this one. Richard keeps the old board to please the older users who prefer the design and are used to the search function there. On the old board you find posts going back until 2004 and you can see the post count and register date of the members who posted. Threads which are started on the old board do not show on the new board but topics from the new board do appear on the old board. If you want to post/download torrent links you must use the new board.

- if you want to login with your user account and get a server error message, you may have a problem with old cookies. Please go to the internet options in your browser, delete the cookies and temp internet files and restart the browser. In most cases it helps.

- if you cannot update your profile, try the same as above. If it does not help, set your email address to "select" and for some reason it works in most cases...please don't ask me why.

- if you forgot your password and click on the "forgot password" option, please make sure that you type your email address correctly because otherwise the password cannot be sent to you.

- if you cannot open the chat link from the main page, please try the link I posted in the sticky chat room topic in the personal forum.

If you kindly upload pictures to Queenzone,

-please ensure that they are .jpeg because it's the only format that works. In some cases small .bmp files do upload too but gifs, pngs and other files cannot be uploaded.

- please do not upload pictures with copyright logos and watermarks like rexfeature, corbis etc and from other websites like for example QOL and because they cannot be validated.

- you can email Queenzone through the "contact us" link about any question, problem, complaint or comment you have. ALL emails are answered, although it may take some days sometimes. If you do not get an answer, you may have mistyped your email address or the answer got lost in your spam filter.

I do not want any google ads here.