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I had no idea who Carl Monday was until I watched a segment that Jason Jones, from The Daily Show, did on him. Monday is an investigative journalist from Cleveland, Ohio, who attempts to be Geraldo but fails miserably. Apparently, some kid was caught on Monday's film masturbating in a public library... actually, instead of me retyping everything, I'll just copy what wikipedia has to say about this event:

"In Northeast Ohio, he has been particularly known for the attention he brings to repeat DUI offenders and the law enforcement and judicial officials who are unwilling to punish them severely. But in May 2006, his investigative report on the viewing of online pornography, among other lewd and lascivious behavior in Cleveland-area public libraries managed to draw widespread attention on the internet. Numerous sites posted a link to the video clip for its perceived comedic value. In the report, Monday confronted a Berea resident who was caught on camera pleasuring himself while viewing pornographic images. Monday drew criticism on his blog from people who felt the report was sensationalistic and for what they saw as the unnecessary humiliation of the man and his family. Because of this, he is known by many as an internet legend and also a classless reporter.[3]...

The library piece was spoofed on 2006-09-28 by Comedy Central's The Daily Show in a segment where correspondent Jason Jones put on a trenchcoat and attempted an ambush interview with Carl Monday. The piece ended with Jones catching up to Carl by staking out his house and asking him questions designed to ridicule him as an example of what's wrong with Monday's type of journalism in front of a national audience. The segment was entitled, "Rubbing Out Crime" [5] Monday responded in a statement on his blog, which was rife with spelling errors."

What the entry doesn't say is that Monday not only did the initial report, but followed up on it five more times, refusing to put the story to rest. Actually, just watch the clips below to get a better understanding:

The Daily Show segment

Carl Monday's "retaliation"

For the record, Carl "Carl Monday" Monday adopted his obviously fake stage name as his legal name sometime in the early 1970s.

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Good ol' Carl Monday...

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This story is priceless.

Sure Carl Monday does indeed look for the sensationalistic stories, but Michael Cooper deserves to be punished to the fullest extent for pulling out (no pun intended) such a despicable stunt in a public place.

Carl Monday sure knows how to milk a story like this (pun intended).

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