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I dont often contribute to this forum, but i would like to put forward a couple of points.

Firtsly, one thing is for certain in this life now, we are never going to get a 'new' Queen album and no matter who is put forward as a Frontman, Queen are never going to be a big as once they were. Time moves on and I don't see how anyone can criticise, or has the right to criticise Brian and Roger to the extent I have seen on Queenzone over the last eighteen months. At the end of the day, all they are doing is carrying on with the job they love, making music. As has been pointed out so many times before, they dont need to do this for the money.

Thier collaberation with Paul Rodgers didn't make me go out and purchase every piece of music he ever recorded, although it did bring him to my greater attention as a musician.

In a few days time, Paul Rodgers will join Brian and Roger in the Studio and they will record new material. For those who are not happy that Brian and Roger want to work with Paul Rodgers, then get over it, it is thier lives not yours. If they do release something commercially, nobody is going to put a gun to your head and force you to buy any new material that may be released.

Secondly, last night I attended the Paul Rodgers gig at The Lowry Theatre in Salford. Paul and his excellent band played a song he advised was 'work in progress'. In my eyes, rather than being anything blusey, something which appears to put a number of Queen fans off, this song Warboys, sounded to me far heavier in terms of both drums and guitar. If anyone else has had opportunity to hear this song yet, do they think this could be a song which could be recorded for a possible album?

Good luck to Queen + Paul Rodgers in the weeks ahead. I am praying that John Deacon may return from his early retirment, but if he doesnt, and I doubt that he will, then I feel that Lynn Sorensen from Paul Rodger's latest house band wouldnt be a bad choice, he was most impressive last night.