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Let me explain. It is a story that goes back a couple of weeks, that will take a little while, so sit back, relax, and read...

Back a couple of weeks ago, the Cross Country Team at my school were deciding on some team shirts that we'd wear around. Many ideas were thrown around until we had settled on two possible sayings:

"I ran down 2 miles of Hiscock." (the name of one of the trails we train on)


"200 Hills" (front) | "Whose fault is that?" (back)

The 200 hills comment was based on an exchange one of our runners had with a football player. Our school is under construction, and there is a HUGE pile of dirt behind our school. Whenever our football team (American football to eliminate confusion) loses, they run up and down this hill for every point they lose by. What was said was:

FB player: "Yeah, well you know, you Cross Country runners never do nothin. We had to hills today."

Runner: "Well, whose fault is that?"

Well, the "I'm going to kick your ass"'s were exchanged and the comment left the football player feeling rather sore. So, we decided to make a shirt about it.

Anyway, we went to our Sports Director/Vice Principal about the "Hiscock" shirt and he shut us down saying that it contained "sexual referrences." When asked about the "200 hills" shirt, he cleared it. We recieved our shirts last Thursday.

When we came to school, many people were getting threatened with physical harm for the shirts. 5 minutes into our first class, we were called to our coach's room. Our coach told us that we couldn't wear the shirts because they insulted the football players. Note: People wear WAAY worse shirts that "200 hills" and they aren't even acknowledged.

Then our Vice Principal/Sports Director walked in and told us the same thing, AND that it was HE who shut down the shirts. Why him? Let's add another section to his title:

Mr. <name omitted> Vice Principal/Sports Director/Assistant Football Coach

What's worse is that he unloaded some total bullshit about how he supports the cross country team as much as he supports the football team. On record, he has NEVER missed a football game, and never even been to ONE cross country meet in at least 4 years. Also, all football players have new equipment and uniforms. The boys varsity cross country team has some 4 year old uniforms, with even older uniforms for the modified. This is the same with the girls cross country team. It's even worse with the track/field team where we struggle to find 4 matching uniforms for a relay invitational.

The absolute worst part is, one of our team mates got his shirt ripped off of him later in the day. A football player ran up, lifted him up by the back of his shirt and ripped it off. These were $11 shirts by the way. The person was hardly punished.

So, I find it irritatinly disappointing that our ATHLETIC DIRECTOR picks favorites in our school. Not only in athletics, but in school too. Whatever respect I had for that man is now gone.

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Posted: 15 Oct 06, 23:00 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

As much as I like football, they're the team at school that always gets what they want.

Well, something like that.

I'm so pissed I could spit.