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Hi everyone,

yes, even I have dreams, and nerdy ones. I still feel like sharing this particular one. Because Freddie appeared in it. That's the nerdy part, and yes, I do have a life. :-)) Now here it goes.

It was a sort of special video shoot of The Great Pretender, with a lot of supposedly sophisticated audience present. It also included playing piano and giving autographs. So Freddie did that. Singing between a few faceless people, walking around, up and down the stairs, singing The Great Pretender and a little encore that was In My Defence. He looked very frail and thin, and was still in a very good mood.
When they asked him to play a few tunes on the piano, he rolled with his eyes and asked his assistant "Is that really part of the contract?" And the assistant said yes, so Freddie sat down and played, but he wasn't happy about it.
The main reason for this occasion was the release of the FM Solo Collection (mind you, this dream happened around 1990). Each Solo Collection book was given away for free once to each of the audience and they all had a gimmick inside. Either it was a sort of small oil painting, very little, a tryptichon of Montreux, or a gold ring similar to Freddie's own, and you could find it in book's cover by lifting the part that's holding the CDs.
Anyway, he was sitting down for the autographs, and I approached him for one. And I said stuff like "I know you must be busy and it must be annoying..." And he looked at me said "Oh, one of those "polite" ones! Interesting." And I felt embarassed, then we both laughed and I asked Freddie "Do you or don't you mind signing my book here..." And he laughed again and just said "Now come over here."
We had time for a little talk, because nobody else seemed to care much that he was even there. I cared. Unfortunately I could see some of his skin being different from the rest, and I knew it was Aids, but I din't mention a thing.
Because it was a dream, of course I had with me what I wanted, which was a little tape player, and I played a few demos. The first one was Feelings Feelings (the one with "number 9..."). And he started smiling and said "Hey, that's me on there. I remember this. How did you get it? Oh well, must be someone from the studio who made it public. Whatever." And then I asked if thats from 1973 or 1977, and he said, 1973 of course, and he wrote it, not Brian, because it's a fun song. Freddie said, it's about a roadie Barry, who hated travelling and flying but he still did it for the band, so Freddie had to make fun of it and wrote a song about that he's got to get rid of this feeling that's driving him mad. We laughed again, but then the occasion was pretty much over, and suddenly I woke up.

Then I stayed in bed for a moment and remembered it all and smiled and here I am, making a fool of myself for typing it all up. :-)


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That must've been some dream,sounded pretty interesting there.

But hey,don't feel foolish about it,I had a few dreams where I saw the mighty Fred man himself.

I even drew and colored up a picture of what I saw him doing in my dream.

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i once had a dream that paris hilton pushed me down the stairs and roger taylor was stood at the bottom and then i woke up. damn i wanted to see wat he would do!


I cant write on this can i??