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Posted: 07 Dec 06, 12:36 Edit this post Reply to this post Reply with Quote

I'm sure you all have heard the story by now. Being raised near the area, it kind of has my attention:

MERLIN, Oregon (CNN) -- Hoping to save his stranded wife and children, James Kim decided Saturday to venture into the cold and unforgiving Oregon wilderness wearing only street clothes.
They took a wrong turn and found themselves stranded in snow and lost with their young daughters on one of Oregon's treacherous backroads, which are rarely plowed during the winter.

Their food and options were running out.

What James Kim, 35, encountered searchers would later describe as rugged, steep, snowy terrain with sodden branches, slick rocks, downed trees and poison oak nestled between sheer cliffs.

Searcher Joe Hyatt told reporters the rugged terrain of Oregon can be deceiving to those who are unfamiliar with it. Of Kim, Hyatt said, "I can only describe him as an extremely motivated individual. I would describe him as a true hero."

Now they're calling this guy a hero. I'm trying to figure out why.
Why would a man venture out into the cold with just streetclothes? Consider this. HE was driving and probably decided on the shortcut. SHE probably let him know that for the first few days they stayed in their car. More than a few times, I'm sure. Did he finally hear enough?

They found his body less than a half mile from the car. He had walked nearly 8 miles, and not on the road but in the woods. They found the car and his family who decided to stay on the road. Where was he going? Taco Bell?

Did they NOT notice:
the snow getting much thicker?
Lack of traffic on the roads?
The signs that say "Road Closed in Winter"?
They had two small children in the car?

Oh yeah, my frickin hero!!! Stop wasting my time Fox News and CNN, so I can get back to this Chaney's pregnant lesbian daughter news that's important.