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"Knight Rider: The Movie is the possible title for a feature film adaptation of the hit 1980s NBC television program, Knight Rider. On May 9, 2006, two leading film websites, and IGN's Filmforce, reported that The Weinstein Company had acquired the rights to the franchise from creator Glen A. Larson and will be producing a Knight Rider feature film.

The project was almost destroyed at least twice due to David Hasselhoff's insistence that the script be faithful to the show. One of his demands was that KITT, the intelligent computer and companion to Hasselhoff's character, be similar to his predecessor. Negotiations stalled when studios to whom the concept was pitched refused to allow it. However, they resumed in 2005 when executives allowed a new script to be written; in the new version, KITT retains his personality from the original show.

David Hasselhoff, who played field agent Michael Knight in the original NBC series, has been virtually silent about what his contributions will be. He has said that he would return as Michael Knight [1] [not in citation given] but that Knight's role would likely be as leader of the fictional "Foundation for Law and Government" (the group the show portrayed). This is due to the character Devon Miles, the original leader of FLAG, being killed off in the 1991 made-for-television film Knight Rider 2000. (Edward Mulhare, the Irish actor who portrayed Devon Miles, died of lung cancer in 1997.)

Hasselhoff allegedly offered actor Orlando Bloom the role of Michael Knight's son, the potental lead character of the movie, instead of having an older Hasselhoff lead as the original Knight, although he will return to play Knight in the movie. There has been no indication as to whether any other cast members will return to appear in the film."