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Now that you've been at it for the past two weeks or so, and you've gotten tired of it all, let's go over the top for once.

Queen + Timbaland. Think about it.

Timbaland would in all probability "sample" Queen beats (not to mention remember he heard some of their melodies and chords progressions and think "hey this sounds cool, maybe I'll just borrow it, no one will notice"), write some cRap lyrics to go with it and get Madonna or Justin Timberlake to sing something completely irrelevant and useless to go with it.

"Oh, come on, whassat? 'Queen'? Bah! With that name, I OUGHTA be doing something with their music. And besides, I wouldn't have needed their input on it at all, I would've written 'em myself. Maybe I did? Whoa man, I didn't know I'm THAT good."

Fuck it. I know it's getting old for some already, but hey... once you're doing something tasteless, why not go all the way.