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t was time when Queen hasn't existed yet and Roger was a student of Medical University and lived in a small soon with some people- Brian May, Tim Staffel and some Frederick Balsara...
It should be mentioned that Roger as a future doctor had a passion to people's bones. He was dreaming about skull! But the problem was that Roger hadn't money enough to afford a beautiful skull made of gypsum!
One day while Roger was preparing to his exams someone knocked the door. It appeared to be Roger's classmate. He was carrying something in the bag. 'Roger'-he said - 'i know you are dreaming about a skull. So i decided to help you. You don't need to thank me' Roger suspiciously opened the bag. Aah! There was a human's head! Roger became green. 'what is it?'- he asked. 'if you try you could get a wonderful skull. The only thing you need is to put it in the saucepan and the face skin will exfoliate.' When Roger heard this funny recept he became green again. He asked- 'Are you sure that is legal?' 'Roger!'- his classmate was laughing- 'Stop worrying! The owner of this head was not against it!' The cynism of the classmate was brought to Roger and he stopped worrying. He put the head into the saucepan and turned on the fire. But the face skin didn't want to exfoliate. All Roger's friends asked him what was in the saucepan but Roger angrily forbid them to touch it. Them he suddenly fell asleep. He didn't wake up even of the loud bell. Brian went to the door and opened it. There was a strange figure, very famous in a VERY narrow society weared a luxurious fox jacket.'Freddie, why are you always loosing the keys?'-asked Brian. 'Dear, forgive a goon!'-answered Freddie and came in the hall. 'What is smelling so tasty?'-he asked and went to the kitchen. 'Freddie, Roger asked not to open the saucepan!'-Brian screamed but he was late. It was true that some time after it Freddie was named a gold voice of rock'n'roll. That gold voice at once was heard by all Ferry Road and was valued by its beauty and enormous power. Freddie was screaming until he swooned on the floor dropped it. Everyone ran to the kitchen and saw Freddie lying with a strange saucepan on the floor. Brian went to help Freddie and eventually taught a saucepan. The head went out it and everyone felt himself bad. 'It's my head!'- they heard a scream behind them. Noone turned to look at the happy owner of the head. Roger ran to the kitchen and tryied to help Freddie. 'Roger, what is it?'- Brian asked with shiver in his voice. 'It's a head. It was brought to me by my classmate' 'Dear friend we give you two minuts to take it away' 'Brian, give me time to boil it!The face skin will soon exfoliate!' When Freddie heard the last Roger's words he swooned again. Roger with a hard breathe tryied to get the head out of the saucepan. 'Roger! Take it away with the saucepan!'- cryied Brian. 'Are you crazy? The saucepan could be used in the home!' Brian suggested cooking spagetti in it. 'We can even not to take out the water- it will be a good soup!' When Freddie heard it he swooned again. Roger took the saucepan and berried his dream in the garden. The final was- Freddie never went
to kitchen again!

sorry for the translation

I love you,Beata!