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Over here, Comcast Cable, of the Barnstable County area, Massachusetts, USA. 10:02 a. m. EST.

"Rock And Roll Fantasy" from the "Merchants Of Cool" DVD release by non other than Bad Company was broadcast moments ago.

The song included a interwoven Beatles tribute within "Rock And Roll Fantasy".

It's good to know that true great rock and roll bands sustain themselves well into this year 2007. It is good to know that a man at his age, Paul Rodgers has not fallen into the trappings of this world and can still entertain now. Equally as good is knowing that a well known worldwide band such as Bad Company can opt to play a decent sized theater.

Can you imagine a parent asking a child "what are you doing ?" with that reply being "watching the tube". This would be back when Mtv actually played music videos 24/7 365 and there was only one Mtv channel. Not bothering to inform anyone exactly the channel name, choosing only to proclaim, "the tube".

It is "The Tube" channel I refer to as well.

John Lennon finished "Come Together" live seconds ago.

Have you got "The Tube" where you are?

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here in the UK the tube was an iconic channel 4 music show from the mid 1980's.VH1 in the UK are repeating some shows during the week but its not the tube that you are referring to.if we want to watch old bad company and FREE songs its VH1 classic but im too busy watching nubile young scantily clad ladies gyrating seductively on MTV DANCE to care about watching old bearded torn jean hippy rockers from the early 70's thanks :-]


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