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April 19, 2007.

It took the better of 12 hours to eventually listen to (so far) "Disc One"
up to "The River" and one cut from "Disc Two" "Human Touch".
Overall, with the equalizer turned off and a gentle nudge of bass / treble
to my liking, this is a solid ever so slightly blurred, feigntly distant
audience recording. "The River" is solid regarding the tapers work as is an
extended "57 Channels" but the full band "Better Days" & "Born In The USA"
are slightly marred again by a "blurry" depth of a mix from the taper, not
the band and band equipment.
As for the "new" band performing pre "Lucky Town" & "Human Touch" Bruce
Springsteen, I find the band quite adept and able to give an aire of
originality with little or no straying from the original version of the any
song unless some extended work was performed.
Still, it is easy to at the least imagine / picture the E Street Band
performing this show or any other from this tour of 1992.
How appropriate, 'tis up to you, that I end this small review with some
private yet conjured images of life of late whilst listening to "Living

W. K. Mahler

P. S.: I suppose if there is any current world leader of whom knows personal turmoil and inner struggle, it's this man:
He leads a land and inhabitants, peoples I know, that some, are my own descedants and relatives of whom, I've never had contact with in this century.

P. P. S.: DimeADozen.Org is yer friend. :-)

W. K. Mahler

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We get it, you collect Springsteen boots.

What I don't understand, apart form your obsession with gibbering about it on a Queen site (yes I know it's the non-Queen section), is how you select them? There are hundreds of Springsteen boots on Dime, and indeed other sites, yet you only tell us about the odd one or two.

What makes this more special than 04.07.85, for example?