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"Unbiased & Unselfish Opinion"


The following is after some intense deep thought in regards to laws within the USA pertaining medical records and disclosure, following the Virginia Tech University Massacre, April 15, 2007, Blacksburg Virginia.


April 20, 2007

"Unbiased & Unselfish Opinion"

The subject of discussion brings up some precarious potential for
"overblownism" - not what you might at first expect.

Some proponents are favorable for disclosure of medical records to law
enforcement at all levels, especially regarding weapons ownership.
I'm okay with that, so long as a: the gun store owner only gets a "yes" or
"no". Nothing more, nothing less.
b: Only top level authorities know of critical private information. I
suppose a "Homeland Security" database is in the makings, soon available for
such a said situation. However, the stipulation being, no politician, no
lawyer, no military personnel, no judge, state or local police man shalt know
of anything. This is the 21st century, electronic "yes" and "no" to and fro
a federally mandated, close circuit system can be done, no questions about

In regards to further disclosure of health records, some proponents suggest
allowing the medical community, specifically the mental health community be
allowed shared access about a persons mental health to law enforcement
authorities to some extent. That already exists. Believe me, there is a
database, instantly useable between even local police within the USA already
in use.

The qualm I have with all this? When information as such becomes available
to "friends" or "concerned citizens" that leaves a gaping uncloseable hole
to private information that can and will be used against a person regarding
job security, ability to travel, to hold public office, basically, it's
opening up a Pandora's box for massive personal scrutiny, brought on by
competition, jealousy, basically, it's injurious to the personal life and
esteem of anyone. Thus, I say "nay"

If any law comes of this, it's my own personal / professional opinion that
it's widely practiced illegally here within the states. I'm referring
specifically disclosure of mental health amongst the community from medical
personal to the "has to be informed citizen", without any permission by the
so stated "patient".

This soon to be law is quite simply to be symbolic and will relieve immense
pressure for those laws already broken.

In todays world, psychiatrists, physicians are as quick as a killer gunman
when it comes to lack of thought and care for not only the patient, to the
medical community itself.

I can recall, one individual whom went to a local hospital in fear of a nose
bleed re-occurrence. The physician asked the patient, "are you employed?"
In fact, the patient had filled out with a secretary the answer to that
question and indeed was employed, told the physician as well. The
physician said to the man "you are paranoid and delusional".
I know you are reading this out of context. From that I know, the
physician, medical emergency room attending physician insisted that the man,
of whom was calm, cool and collected, friendly and forthcoming was to be
seen by a psychiatrist to know if the patient should be temporarily
committed for a period of no less than 3 days. I know this patient and the
person is not mentally ill then or now. The patient promptly was guarded,
the patient had no civil and or criminal offenses at all there or anytime
before, was not wanted by police at all at any level, anywhere. Yet the
patient was guarded, truly an insult. The patient left swiftly, only to be
brought in by local police in handcuffs. The patient had to wait nearly 8
hours in a padded cell before being seen b

W. K. Mahler

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Interesting...Very interesting...

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Well, for someone who's had their share of mental problems, and who has threatened to send mail bombs to people on other NGs, you do indeed bring a unique and experienced perspective to this situation.

There was, however, something clearly lacking: no Springsteen reference. Or is that to follow?

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