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Chapter 1: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s mansion was the epitome of extravagant living. Within and without the mansion, Gwen hired the best craftsmen to decorate her mansion with the finest fixtures of the highest quality. Beautiful and inspired paintings, and sculptures created an impression of royal wealth and luxury. The softest and most colorful materials were used to create elaborate decorative carpets and rugs. And yet, despite it all, Gwen was somehow unfulfilled. She looked at herself in the large mirror set on her desk, and she pouted. She had never looked more beautiful and she would always look this young. For that, she was grateful. Her former life on that little blue planet she knew as Earth was all too brief. Aging with it’s associated wrinkles, sagging skin, and generally turning really ugly and old, sucked, she thought. And dying? Never pretty. And that was exactly the rub, wasn’t it? Sure, life on Earth could be hard, and so painful. But the worst part was it was all too brief, like a tiny flake of ember that burned so hotly and then faded away so quickly.

Here in her new existence as an immortally youthful Singer, she at least could take solace that she’d never age at all. She’d remain eternally young in her prime as she was meant to be.

And yet despite all the wonders of this new life, something was missing. She felt like the time when she was a child, when she spent the summer vacation away with her relatives. She was treated by her uncle and aunt like their own child, with love and devotion, and she enjoyed playing with her cousins at their private lake all summer. Swimming, looking at the stars at night, sitting about campfires, telling stories. Playing games. But by the end of summer, she was glad to go. Because it wasn’t home. There was nothing like the feeling of being at home. Where you belonged.

Gwen Stefani felt like a stranger in her new life. And part of her wanted to return to her old life. The life in which she lived as a famous Singer. But it wasn’t just being famous, and adored by millions of her fans that she missed. She missed the simple things, like going for ice-cream. Pizza. Driving around. Making Music CDs, and Videos. Having Children, and being a mom. She missed it all.

Here in this world, the only thing that felt remotely familiar to her was the other surviving Singers who also lived on that little blue Planet. They were her only remaining connection to her former life. And so, without hesitation, she made the call.


In the months following the Great Devastation in which much of the universe was destroyed by the Singer God Michael, the last Singers chose to dwell in the last remaining Singer World, and begin the slow, unsteady process of healing. Not only for the universe but for themselves as well for it was a bitterly hard fought fight, and none of them were without some wound or scar.

John Deacon chose to retire in the quiet desert with his Indigenous wife, who looked exactly like Jessica Alba. He was just about to relax with his beautiful wife when he heard the call. In his mind. No, it wasn’t the sound of a phone ringing. It sounded more like, no, it sounded exactly like Gwen Stefani’s voice. She was calling him.

“Johnn…are you there? Hello? Is anyone home?”

John tried to ignore the voice, and instead focused on his wife’s perfectly naked form.

“John, I know you can hear me. It’s not like you can just put me on voicemail you know.” Gwen whined.

“Gwen, for God sake! You can’t just call me anytime you feel like it. What if I was having some issue here? Wh-What if I was being attacked by some savage animal beast, f-fighting for my life! This is the wild and savage desert, you know.”

“Yeah right John. We both know what you probably are doing. Living in the desert alone with your gorgeous wife. Hmmph.”

In spite of himself, John’s face turned red in embarrassment. Is that what everyo

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Thank you! I kind of missed writing about these guys. :D

Chapter 1 (continued)

Ahmed held Gwen tightly with his strong arms. He was a tall, well-built man who looked Persian. His tanned face was handsome, with dark, thick eyebrows, sharp facial features, and eyes that could be imposing or sympathetic. At this time of the night, his face had a 6 o’clock shadow that Gwen found sexy. At times, he reminded her very much of Freddie with his sharp pointy nose, and large expressive eyes.

“Am I your dog to be called at your leisure?” he said half-jokingly. His voice was deep, and strong. She could easily imagine him commanding a battalion of war hardened warriors, which was what he was. A well-respected commander of men who served the Royal Army. Under most circumstances, Ahmed would not tolerate such disrespect from anyone, but he was strangely amenable to Gwen’s demands.

Gwen looked at his smiling face, and said weakly, “Sorry. It’s just that I had a long day..”

Ahmed found Gwen to be very attractive. Sharing her bed under the blanket with Gwen, he was suddenly very aroused. He stroked Gwen’s thighs beneath the covers, and his hands slowly glided upwards. His hands found what they wanted, which led him to another thought. But Gwen stopped him.

“I just want to be held, Ahmed. Can you just comfort me?”

Ahmed’s eyes went instantly from humorous to seething rage.

“Of course. Your wish is my command. I love you Gwen. I will wait until you are ready.”, he said smoothly.

And Ahmed turned out the lights, and held Gwen in his strong arms, pretending to listen to her as she poured out her heart. But he wasn’t listening to her at all. He was only thinking of his objective. To kill Gwen Stefani, and all the other Singers.

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Chapter 2: The Primary Objective

The council of Singers was a secret organization. And it was secretive for very good reasons. The first rule any Singer learned was to not reveal their identity as a Singer. And unless it was absolutely necessary, they were not to use their powers before the public. By nature, people feared and envied those who were more powerful. And this fear led them to do things. Such as killing those in power. This was why throughout man’s history, Kings, Rulers, and Presidents were assassinated. Fear. Envy. Hatred.

Gwen Stefani broke all these rules within weeks. She couldn’t help it. She had all this power and she was forbidden to use it? Not a chance. Magic was much too fun. With a word, she could change her hair color from natural brown, to blonde to pink. Or she could magically enlarge her breasts to the perfect 36Cs she had now. So it wasn’t a surprise that she’d eventually tell Ahmed, her boyfriend, her true identity and abilities.

And Ahmed was extremely curious and asked her many questions about her, and the Council. He heard from her stories of her fellow Singers, and also about all the amazing things in her past life. Machines that could fly, or transport people at amazing speeds. Little boxes of light that spoke, and showed images. Ahmed was amazed by what he heard. And if Gwen hadn’t performed magic before his very eyes, he would have thought she was insane.

So the next morning, as the two shared a breakfast, Ahmed continued to ask her questions.

“So, this Michael Jackson, he is the one who nearly destroyed the universe?”

“Yes. This happened months ago. He is probably the most powerful Singer, maybe stronger than Freddie. In the end, he realized he made a mistake, but by then it was too late. Many innocent people died, including many Singers. In fact today, a lot of us are still angry at him.”

“And this Michael, where is he now?”

“Oh, he’s locked himself in his Tower. It’s black, and very tall. I don’t think he likes visitors much. I tried calling him but he yells at me to stop calling him.”

“Very interesting. A Black Tower. I think I saw this tower.”

“Yes. you can’t miss it. It’s east of the city, about a two days away.”

Ahmed smiled at Gwen. His smile was so wide, and charming. And she liked his white teeth, which sparkled nicely next to his tanned skin. He reached over to give Gwen a kiss.

“Do you love me Gwen? I know I am a lowly laborer, but I could make you happy.”

Gwen had been dating Ahmed for months. She was lonely, and she needed someone to talk to. All the other Singers were so busy with their work, or their wives. Although she was still struggling to find her place in this new life, she was very happy to have Ahmed in her life. And in truth, she was developing some real feelings for him. Maybe one day, she might even love him.

“I’m very fond of you Ahmed. And maybe, one day, I can love you.”

She kissed Ahmed back, and she had to admit, he was a good kisser.

He stood up, and stretched his arms. Gwen admired his physique. He was what she’d call in her former life, a hottie. Just looking at him, she felt aroused, but she controlled herself. She could only give herself to someone she loved. And she wasn’t in love yet with Ahmed. But it was possible, she thought.

Ahmed gave her one more kiss, and left her mansion.

Gwen looked down from her window, watching Ahmed get on his horse, and ride off. He had to go to his job, Gwen said to herself.

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(Chapter 2 cont’d)

A little while later, Gwen felt like singing. She had so many things on her mind, so she created a little song.

Alone in this castle, this fantasy-
Is this a dream or reality?
One day I am fine, the next I’m not!
My little heart, can’t take this lot.

(I need to find)
My Place in this world!
(Can I find)
My Place in this world!

I need to find, my place in life.
So I can feel, safe and right.
One day I am fine, the next I’m not!
My broken heart, full of doubt.

(I need to find)
My Place in this world!
(Help me find)
My Place in this world!

In this world.
Lost in this world.
All alone.
Find me~!!!

Her sad poignant song was interrupted. Gwen Stefani stopped in mid-sentence, when she saw Freddie in her room, listening to her sing.

Freddie clapped his hand, and said, “That was beautiful. You have a better voice than you think.”

“Thanks. You didn’t happen to not hear any of it, did you? Maybe just the last line, right?” Gwen asked hopefully. “Because you know, it’s so easy to take things out of context.”

She was really embarrassed. And she was really reeally reallllly glad he didn’t hear the next line. Because if he had, things would have been really awkward right at this moment.

“Haha. Every word. It was very good. Anyway, John told me you were feeling sad, so I came by to see if you were ok. But judging by your song, I think you’re not.”

Warmly, and full of sincerity, he asked, “How can I help?”

Gwen was nonplussed. She couldn’t believe he was here. And she was so embarrassed. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know where to begin.

So Freddie spoke for her. Rather, he sang.

Here we are, in this world.
You and I, why feel so lost?
I am here, to comfort you.
Take good heart, why feel so blue?

He stopped singing, because Gwen was tearing up.

So he held her in his arms, and he spoke things to her in her mind in silence, comforting her. He understood exactly what she was feeling, because Gwen opened up her mind, and shared her private thoughts. The two layed down on her bed, and just held each other, speaking in their minds, exchanging not just words, but feelings.

After some long moments passed, neither wanted to get up from the bed. They had grown so close so quickly. And Freddie wasn’t exactly immune to Gwen’s charms. She was an extremely beautiful woman, and so soft to touch. And she smelled really nice.

And Gwen was happier than she had been in a very long time. This was like a dream. She couldn’t believe it. All her previous sadness melted away, replaced by sheer joy.

And without thinking, without any realization of what she was doing, she reached over and kissed him. And she moaned happily, “Mmmmmmmm”.

And then immediately, she pulled back. Ooops.


Ahmed whipped his horse harder and harder. He was late. And his contact didn’t like tardiness. So Ahmed whipped his horse even harder. And the horse responded by neighing in pain, and ran faster.

Soon, within an hour, Ahmed reached his destination. He met his contact in a dark filthy alleyway, in the shadows, in the poor section of town. His contact was much shorter than he was, and clothed in black. And he spoke strangely, with a hissing sound.

“His name is Michael Jackson, and he lives in a tall black tower, east of the town.”, Ahmed whispered.

“No, not yet. I haven’t found that yet.”

“I will get what we bargained for, yes?”

“And she is fine, and well, right?”

“Once I find it, then you can begin.”

“How to neutralize the Singers.”

“That is my primary objective.”

And with that, the conversation was ended. And Ahmed rode back on his tired horse.


Gwen pulled back, and after seeing Freddie’s face, she burst out laughing. “Aww come on. It was just a little kiss. Don’t be such a woman. I thought men were supposed to be the initiators. What is wrong with the men on thi

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Wow. This is actually quite interesting.
You've drafted a nifty little fantasy realm here.


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Not bad at all. I wrote about an imaginary phone call between Freddie in heaven and Deaky who was moaning about Bri & Rog reforming as Queen and I won a competition with it. I'll see if I can find it.

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