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928 - again one of your "everybody except me is an idiot" posts ? I fully understand what you are trying to say, but I don't like the way you are saying it. The stuff you want to say can be said or written in a much more polite way.

To all - I have a feeling that this is a film > NTSC > PAL conversion, not only NTSC > PAL. The video looks like it was telecined, then IVTC'd and then converted to interlaced PAL, but the film origin is only a theory. Just look at the blended fields, a common result of a bad NTSC > PAL conversion. Also I think it was shot in 16:9, just watch how "squeezed" the left border is.
BUT ... And Now the big BUT comes ... These artefacts are ALSO on ALL OFFICIAL RELEASED PARTS of this concert, so I don't think you're gonna find a better version of this concert !!!
Even the version QP has is the same "crap" as 928 called it, therefore I see no reason for any critiscs to pow wow .

I don't know about dime rules, but those guys look like a bunch of idiots to me. If they allowed officially released material to be shared there, 80% of official DVDs wouldn't be allowed there.

Lossy DVD - I don't know who invented this term, but it's complete bullshit. EVERY DVD HAS LOSSY VIDEO ! EVERY ! Because the DVD-Video format uses mpeg-2 compresion, which is lossy ! Only the audio track can be lossless, but LPCM audio is usually used only on concert DVDs, because it's approx. 1.5 GB for 2 hours. If you take in mind, that a single-sided, single-layered DVD can contain just 4.3 GB of data, including the video track(s), the audio track(s), the menus, the bonus features ...
and you take in mind how expensive dual-layer DVDs are, you will understand, why LPCM is rarely used.

Pow Wow - thank you (again) for sharing this with us. I personally do my VHS captures with my DVD recorder, but since it can't record LPCM audio, I usuaaly do a separate audio-only capture with my soundcard and then synchonise it in Cool Edit Pro.
But if you want to know how the "experts" do it, try to read this :