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928 wrote

You see there you go assuming again......thats what seperates me from you.

Yes, but I wrote it in the way that everybody knows whats a theory and what's a fact. I see nothing bas about it.

I have typed it this way so that ALL can understand.NOT just the tech savies.
Bottom line lamen.

Just a few quotes from your posts ...
...and saying fuck it to the rest.But it can also be from a many generation loss copies done with poor cheap equipment and shitty cabling allowing interference...
....IMO its crap like the others ...

...Heres something to stop you looking a bit silly..

THAT is what I was talking about. I have NOTHING about the CONTENT of your posts, I simply don't like your LANGUAGE (fuck, shit, crap...).

AND where did i slag Pow wow off?
Fuck me,even he could work out that i was talking about the History of the show.Its called linage tosser
Is it his fault in any way of the way he got

Don't you think you answered yourself ? :-)
It is the BEST version of Houston, which we have, and it's because pow wow was so nice and decided to share it. Could he do it better ? Yes, of course, but it doesn't change the fact that he gave us the (yet) best version of Houston. Maybe you could say at least something like "thank you for at least this, but ...".

We all know about mpeg2 also being lossy...i explained that in a different post & thread a while back.

This wasn't against you, more against the dime guys, sorry if you thought it was, I simply get mad when I see somebody using the term "lossless DVD", it's a complete nonsense, like a "lossless fish" or something.

will say to you carry on reading your videohelp forums m8

Huh ???
Did I mentioned somewhere videohelp forums or what ? I don't understand that.

i dont need the forums,there's the difference.

Another "huh ???" Did I say that you need to read some forums ? Or do you think I have my knowledge taken from some forum ? I'm sorry but I again don't understand what should that mean. If you're talking about the link, I gave it to pow wow, because it's a great newbie article.