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It is good actually frank...reading this.
It lets me know where abouts you all are on the "video work front".
Not far is it hehehe

Some seem to know the direction they want to go but are faffing about.
Other dont 'arf make hard work for themselves

Bob,although the audio was lossy.It was compressed directly from the master transfer so you are ok uncompressing the AC3 to wav for editing etc(there is no conversion only uncompression)..but it must stay wav/pcm after that or you are lossying that particular master.
Keeping it wav/pcm will still mean that it is lossless from the master copy

Why anyone is wasting time on this though after i have said i would be doing it with the soundboard lossless audio is beyond me.
But it sure is a fun read.

All i have to decide is whether or not to go 2 discs way or a Dual Layer.