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928 wrote:

freddie lives wrote:

928 wrote:

All i have to decide is whether or not to go 2 discs way or a Dual Layer.

Are you doing this to accomodate an uncompressed sound file or have you decided to re-encode the video from the source material to higher bitrate?

If you go down the route of a DL disc purely for the audio and NOT an increase in video bitrate, how about making the improved audio available to us seperately so that those of us who know what we're doing can just sync your original video file with the new sound?


That would mean that i would be giving you permission to lossy a lossless audio track.

Yeah.right.thats gonna happen.

(This person doesn't get the point does he folks)

Mate, you missed MY point.
I'm all for a PCM lossless sound - but unless you own the original tape which was shared here by YV and you intend to make use of 2 discs or a DL disc by improving the bitrate of the picture AS WELL as the sound, you'll be asking everyone to spend another 2 weeks downloading the same picture quality AGAIN just to get a better sound.
My suggestion/request for you to upload the audio seperately is so that(and I quote from my own reply) "for those of us who know what we're doing", can re-author the concert ourselves.
I had no intention of converting the sound to an AC3 - I DO have facilities to both create Dual Layer discs and split a video track if need be without re-encoding. You don't need to do that particular job for me (and I suspect a few others).